xVideoServiceThief 2.4.1

One-click downloader and converter for YouTube videos that can save you time

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    Windows XP / Windows 8 / Windows ME / Windows 7 / Windows 98 SE / Windows 2003 / Windows 2000 / Windows Vista / Windows 98

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Content downloaders everywhere universally hail xVideoServiceThief for its powerfully efficient ability to extract and download videos from over 50 unique online sources. It has never been easier to save streaming media for future viewing when a computer no longer is linked to a network connection.

This software is equipped with shrewd security protocols that eliminate any chance of detection for stealthy video snagging. An assortment of tracker settings provide advanced commands for expert users, and proxy methods further enhance the program's sneaky, undetectable capabilities.

In particular, xVideoServiceThief is designed to support downloading from erotic video platforms. To represent its intimate link with adult entertainment, the program is actually named after a leading host of adult videos. This affinity with raunchy material should not deter viewers that prefer downloading and consuming non-pornographic content that is safe for work. It just so happens that one of the best video grabbing accessories ever made was originally designed for use by mature audiences. Overall, it is an immensely helpful tool for wide demographics outside of the overtly obscene niche.

The main download service covertly operates in the background. It can even be minimized to the tray, which allows any trace of activity to be hidden. The default option is set to alert users when a download has finished, so individuals looking to obscure their proclivities should turn off automatic notices. These pop-ups display the entire file name, which has the potential to be embarrassing in front of unexpected onlookers.

Ultimately, this is a hassle-free application that opens up endless opportunities for devious downloads. With countless family-friendly settings, it can also be used to totally block any chance of access to mature media. Adult sites can be banned by name, or an embargo may be placed on the entire genre.

Despite such futuristic elements, this program is shockingly easy to use. It simply opens a blank list that users can fill with video URLs. Once links have been inserted, they will be retrieved in the order they were added. Users can fine-tune network settings to boost speeds and limit consecutive downloads. To make it even easier, a drag-and-drop function is built in to the interface.

Most known file extensions are supported by this useful tool and it rarely fails to recognize embedded media. Even if content is heavily guarded by rerouting servers and misdirections, this program can quickly sift through the maze to steal valuable content. Snatching protected videos is a uniquely rewarding experience in this technological era.

Visually, the interface is stripped to the core. This basic appearance does not detract from the software's effectiveness, but a little extra pizzazz in terms of visual appeal would have been nice. however, the lack of flair does make the program more compatible with earlier models of Windows.


  • Downloads streaming videos from over 50 online locations
  • Compatible with adult video sites
  • Amasses an organized media library
  • Uses powerful proxies and trackers


  • Hard to keep videos and downloading processes censored for children and families
  • Pop-up window inadvertently reveals private behavior
  • Limited defenses against virus-infected attachments

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